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Apache People Unite
In The Process Of
Tribal Self Expression,
Self Determination and
Self Actualization with Apache Skateboards as a tool and weapon to love and build community with.

| Order & Support Apache Movement(s) |

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The Return Of The Mack | Letting Everybody Know | I’m Here To Run The Show | You Lied To Me | Baby |

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Once I Was Lost But Now I See
Amazing Apache Grace Gospel Blues

In San Carlos AZ during wakes and pre-funeral, we often sing to bring peace, comfort and to send loved ones to a better place than here. Because ain’t no grave can hold this body down and reservation life ain’t easy either.

Udell Brown plays and sings like Chet Atkins. If you aren’t paying attention. You’ll mistake these Apache men for Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon, masters of the blues.

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TRUE Style Can’t Be Bought.
True style don’t ever fade
True style can set the tone for the times
Style is often born out of real need.
True style always sets you apart
From crowds, trends, and the fakes.
Sometimes you stand alone in it.

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The Photography Of Douglas Miles was formed in the crucible of San Carlos Arizona.

I don’t shoot stereotypical photos of Native people. My photography is a focused and specific statement on the raw oft overlooked ignored power of Native women, men and youth. Images of tribal people like mine are ignored by the Native Art market/field/media in favor of the romantic, cliche and sweet. I’m not following a trend nor pandering to the mainstream for acceptance, pity or publicity. Nor do I shoot photos of poverty, depression or isolation. Though we face myriad challenges in Indian Country, our people need no more exploitation. Our own tribal narrative is of extreme importance in a society that has attempted to define who we are in our complexity.
Artists like myself create constantly and with purpose. We engage, communicate and address/discuss issues at hand in our art. My work is now entering its 25th year extending into film, skateboarding, photography, writing, directing, producing, acting, product design and brand management.

Recently a pseudo-Native website of questionable repute lifted, borrowed and stole a photo turning it into a cheesy meme with no credit. “Sikkest Natives” has shared this thousands of times without my permission. I don’t allow use or editing of my work without express written permission. Tumblr art shares are okay because they are tracked back and credited. Lynnette Haozous ( originally photographed as Lozen in the “Apache Chronicle” film in San Carlos Arizona) and I have repeatedly addressed the issue with them. I’ve photographed her many times over the years. This site continues to use the my photo (attached).

Some of these so-called Native websites also exploit and objectify Native women. These websites subliminally promote violence as an answer to community problems which is juvenile and often in poor taste. We can do way better than what these pseudo “Native” sites promote. By SHARING this post you can send a message that this is unacceptable.

Thank You

Douglas Miles,

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APACHE SKATEBOARDS PRESENTS ALWAYS FAITHFUL 3 Veterans Day Skate Comp in San Carlos Apache Arizona.

Tray Polk and Douglas Miles Jr. ( Apache Team) hold a skate comp for local kids and I took a few photos of the fun event. We wish you were there. I’m a photographic visionary beast. Thank you in advance . DM1

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Kids With Guns it’s the American Way.

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never loses sleep
Over the opinion of
George Strait

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I’m not silent because I have nothing to say.
I’m silent because places speak.
I want you to hear yourself.

Places we go and are inform us.
If I don’t remove myself
Do you hear yourself if I’m talking
What will I say to yourself?

Yes, you’re as amazing as I am.

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On the res.
We don’t have much
We have each other.
This is not poverty pimping.
This is love.