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Manifest Destiny in a happy meal, the anti-franchise franchise, sweet hipster irony, a conversation stopper, not seen in stores or on TV, giving honor to whom honor is due, racism is fun again kids ( mad sarcasm) with this new Tonto Tee. If this don’t put you in the “un-friend zone” nothing will.

Badwinds X Apache Skateboards Co-Lab Limited Edition : Wig NOT included, Rez Life optional.

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We (Natives) don’t care what American pop culture says about Tonto’s importance to America. We did not ask to be stereotyped in film. No one ever asked Natives what we thought. Now we are supposed to believe that this role is “okay” because someone wealthy and famous says its honoring? The other problem is there are whole generations that don’t even know this type of role is racist. Disney banked on this fact heavily, lost and will continue to until they rectify the matter.

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As Disney & Depp resurrect the stereotype of Tonto, Jonathan Nelson and Douglas Miles created an artistic collaboration to protest the blatantly subliminal racism in The Lone Ranger film. I hope they are feeling “honor” now as we spoof them. The way they clowned Natives in their film was horrendous and completely uncalled for in 2013. Pull this film and apologize to Natives.

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As the most popular actor in America plays a #native stereotype in #redface as #Tonto in #theloneranger he signals to performers on the American Pop Culture landscape that clowning, buffoonery and dehumanizing of Native People is okay and appropriate. It is NOT okay. Any stereotyping of any culture creates a two dimensional and shallow look at real human beings thus dehumanizing and demeaning a whole culture via filmic clowning and caricature.

#JohnnyDepp in The Lone Ranger, resurrects an archaic #Native #Stereotype , #Tonto ( Tonto: def.: stupid, fool, in Spanish ) via the filmic formula of the Western. Westerns for decades were viewed as pop culture pseudo-historical fact(s) of how the “brave settlers battled savage Indians” for supremacy. These films eventually justified the takeover and subjugation of Indian People and lands. In the character of Tonto we have the remains of the old stereotype: trusty subservient Native sidekick back from the Hollywood dead. It reminds us all how far we’ve come. It reminds us also how far backwards Hollywood has stepped in eradicating Native stereotypes.
Hollywood via Disney has brought the worm-eaten rotting corpse of filmic stereotype and racism to life giving us societal creeps, and its working and has set Natives in media back about 50 years.


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Does Disney think that Indians/Native are so poor, uneducated and have no political voice that a film with #johnnydepp in #redface will pass as “entertainment”? Does Disney think the respect or integrity of Indian people can be bought with a Happy Meal? Rated “R” for #racism