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RISING NATIVE YOUTH Community Forum at Shiprock Drop-In Center Saturday: 1-11-14 9:00-4:30pm
A safe space for Native Youth to engage in conversations on issues affecting indigenous communities and individuals. Led by Native Youth for Native Youth.
Decolonize Four Corners. Native Youth Keep Rising

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Killing them softly
As a morning sunrise
Chiricahua Apaches and Geronimo
At war with the U.S
Douglas Miles graphics and digital drawings
Lynnette Haozous at
Apaches and Angels

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This is the Rez whether you like it or not.
We didn’t ask for placement here but we’re here and I’m present.
I don’t got all the answers on how to get outta here.
Some institutions don’t want us to leave.
We’re easier to control, categorize and pitch that way.
I only have so much room in the truck.
I’m still looking for that part too.
Until then I’m literally low riding or hitching a ride.
You better jump in now. If you want to help then pitch in
But don’t complain while I’m driving.
I got a long ways to go still and it took forever just to get here. Though I might speak for others at times,
I can only truly speak for myself all the time.
What’s for lunch?

” Complain While I’m Driving”

Douglas Miles