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AMERICA: Open Your Eyes Made in 2015. I found this poster in…

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AMERICA: Open Your Eyes

Made in 2015. I found this poster in Globe, AZ.
Native people know racism too well. We’ve battled it for over 500 years. Propaganda is a tool war machines use to create fear and psychologically destabilize countries. Sadly we are in a new age of propaganda and open racism. This piece tells how Natives have seen institutional racism operate since day one. Ironically the original poster was to show the insidious and hidden nature of fascism via the Nazis in Germany during WWII and how it could affect America. The Native perspective isn’t non-existent, it’s just semi-invisible until you make and share art that is about something affecting your tribes, nations and people.
This original art debuted in show this at the Allan Houser Gallery in Santa Fe, NM titled “ The Art of Apache Resistance” . A bold move and very fitting since Allan’s Father was a Chiricahua Apache fighter on the war trail with Geronimo.

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