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Douglas Miles of Apache Skateboards tearing it up!

Say NO to Adam Sandler and Netflix using demeaning racism towards Apache People, Native women and men now and forever. This film and others like it must be held accountable and stopped. If you say nothing, your tribe could be next: Douglas Miles

Hey guys chill. We hardly know anything about this movie and out of the 150 background characters only four walked out. And one of the native actors specifically spoke out about it was completely overblown. It might be racist or it might be an accurate portrayal of their culture. We don’t know yet. Nothing has been released to back up either of those claims. So wait. Wait until they actually show something racist. Then you can pounce.

fleshmuncher first of all, unless you’re Apache (which you are very clearly not and prove so by referring to us as quote, “their culture”) or Native you are entirely irrelevant and need to keep your mouth shut.
My name is Lozen Tanguma Ruan and I AM Apache (Lipan Apache). Douglas Miles also clearly IS Apache (San Carlos Apache).
So now let’s just get this straight…you (an outsider) just told two Apaches to “chill” about a subject that has nothing to do with you or doesn’t even affect you (and your community) in any way. Hmm. Must be nice.
So you’re just gonna sit there and tell us actual Apaches about whether OUR OWN people/culture is being portrayed accurately or not?? You’re gonna sit there and tell us actual Apaches that naming actresses on the film “Wears No Bra” and “Beavers Breath” is an accurate portrayal of OUR culture?? Or that taping scenes where the women pee while smoking a peace pipe is an accurate portrayal of OUR culture?? Even with all that said somehow that’s not racist to you!??
Anyway, who the fuck are you to tell us not to be offended? Especially when it’s Apache people that are the ones being portrayed in the film to begin with. Who the fuck are you to tell us what is and what is not accurate about our own cultures? Who the fuck are you to tell us literally anything. You’re not even a part of this subject. Apache voices are what matter here. And you will not talk over us Apaches. Goodbye now.

“only four walked out”

Only four people on set were offended enough by the subject matter that their personal ethics became more important than earning a living in an industry that doesn’t offer many opportunities to native peoples, and certainly doesn’t respect them as human beings

So, yanno. Chill out man.

Yanno unless you’re Apache shut the fuck up already and stay in your lane. Or I’ll put you in it.

Fuck out man.

I’m so sorry, that’s not at all what I was trying to say.

I meant to be ridiculing the idea that “only” four people walked out, as if a project needs to have its entire cast quit before anyone is allowed to call it offensive. I’d thought I was being clear enough in my sarcasm, but that clearly wasn’t the case.

I truly apologize for making anyone think that I condone this movie’s racist bullshit in any way, shape, or form.

That’s actually what I thought honestly after first, till I read the “chill out man”. Since the other person before you already told me to “calm down” I took it wrongly. It’s hard to tell tone through a txt post. My apologies!

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