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The AWAKENING : Preventing Suicide In Indian Country PRESS…

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Preventing Suicide In Indian Country

The Awakening Film

With suicide affecting Tribal communities across Indian Country,
Addressing suicide and suicide prevention is difficult yet important. The Awakening film is meant to uplift amidst a dark time which isn’t always easy but imperative. At the request of Anthony Guzman, the heart of The Awakening film consists of Fort Duchesne Ute Tribe families who dealt with recent suicide tragedy. The film almost becomes a mini-handbook for positive youth development providing hope amidst suffering as families share in their own words and experiences what all youth need to hear, know and feel continually.

“After a string of recent suicides in our community I began to think about new and creative ways of outreach. Social media was used by these relatives to express their suicidal thoughts. That is when I reached out to Douglas (Miles Sr.) for his collaborative efforts. We discussed how we can use social media and the stories from local families as a tool to provide hope for those considering self harm. This production can help The People invoke productive dialogue within their communities and be a conduit for healing. ”
– Executive Producer: Anthony Guzman , Ute Tribe member on how and why The Awakening was created.
Not needing another “ poverty porn” film/photo/media expose’ portraying Res Life as depressing, The Ute Tribe wanted to address suicide in their own way without outside organizations trying to “save them”, the Ute Tribe and Apache Skateboards wanted to create a film that dealt with suicide yet wouldn’t portray Native / Ute lives as hopeless. As lead character (Douglas Miles Jr.) skates he finds solace in his mind to overcome darkness with positive forward movement, a coping strategy while meditating on the powerful words and acceptance from his family, friends and tribe.

For inquiries or to screen The Awakening
Anthony Guzman:
435-722- 3234
Or Douglas Miles:

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