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brokenboxespodcast: Artist Douglas Miles, founder of APACHE…

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Artist Douglas Miles, founder of APACHE Skateboards added to the conversation Feb. 10….2015 is going to be epic on ABC! 


Artist and founder of Apache Skateboards Douglas Miles is San Carlos Apache, Akimel O’Odham, and White Mountain Apache from the San Carlos Apache reservation. As an indigenous visionary, Douglas Miles is one of those rare and important figures who continues to reside one step ahead of the main stream Native American art world. Miles tells his experiences through an array of mediums including graphic design, photography, spray paint, stencil, fashion, found objects, community organization and whatever else he can use to speak truth about his experience. The imagery of Douglas Miles invites the viewer into an iconic conversation of progression regarding indigenous existence. Miles creates a new set of rules and then breaks them down, never compromising for the status quo, and always inviting a necessary representation to the current understanding of what it means to be Native American. His career is a poem written to all who have come before him and to all who will come after. 

“Douglas Miles is one of those rare and important figures who continues to reside one step ahead of the main stream Native American art world. ”

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